18.09.02 Performance in Belgium

The day after the performance in Lille in France, I perform in MIRY Concertzaal in Belgium on October 28th. I look forward to seeing you.
Jan Michiels, Vincenzo Casale & Hiroyuki Nakajima
at 20:00 on 28th October
MIRY Concertzaal
Biezekapelstraat 9, 9000 Ghent, Belgium
Web/ MIRY Concertzaal:
Vincenzo Casale: historical clarinet
Jan Michiels: pleyel piano1898
Hiroyuki Nakajima: calligraphy
Claude Debussy
– Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fût (1907)
– Pagodes (1903)
– Petit Pièce (1910)
– Première Rhapsody (1910)
Alban Berg
– Vier Stücke für Klarinette und Klavier (1913)
Francois Rasse
– Lied (1921)
Michel Lysight
– Tanka (2016)
György Kurtág
– In nomine all’ongharese (2001)
– Passio sine nomine (2015)
– Couple égyptien en route vers l’inconnu (2013)
If for Paul Klee, the line is a point that has gone for a walk, the walk of a brush in calligraphy could be a sensory journey beyond the boundaries of the image itself.
Can we translate a sound into calligraphy and vice versa?
Japanese calligraphy has influenced and continues to influence Western art, from music to painting and many other arts forms.
The technicity and immediacy of the gesture of writing makes it an art that comes close to the creative and performative gesture of musicians.
The performance will present a program that combines the Japanese calligraphy with a music program dedicated to the composers who have been most inspired by this art, with a special focus on György Kurtág.

Performance in Belgium MIRY Concertzaal/Ghent, Belgium
MIRY Concertzaal/Ghent, Belgium