19.08.23 Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong 3

I came back from Hong Kong last week. I was made to think about many things through the exhibition “Life/生”. The first thing I was worried about was whether I could reach my destination safely during the protest movement. I was constantly checking the latest information about Hong Kong on the internet and TV. Fortunately, my flight to Hong Kong was on the next day of the date of the large strike (Aug.5th), and my return flight had departed just several hours before all flights were canceled (Aug.12th). It was really lucky that I could get through the situation without serious problems.
 And the situation in Hong Kong made me think about social diversity which is the theme of the exhibition. Each person’s “Life” must not be suppressed by social intolerance. In Hong Kong, there used to be an atmosphere where people can feel free to say whatever they want. But recently, they are gradually being deprived of the freedom. Hong Kong police uses brutal tactics and China’s Armed Police Force is stationed very close to Hong Kong. Under these tense situation, I prayed that I can hold such an exhibition again here in the future.
 Social diversity cannot exist without freedom of expression. It was my pleasure that the young couple who came first to the opening said, “This is the timely exhibition”. Overwhelming number of protesting citizens and “Post-It notes” on Hong Kong’s Lennon Wall around the city…..when I saw them, it reminded me of my “Life” pieces on the wall of the gallery.
 I appreciate everyone of the gallery inviting me to Hong Kong.

Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong 3 Picture: GETTY IMAGES/ANTHONY KWAN
Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong 3 Picture: REUTERS/Tyrone Siu
Picture: REUTERS/Tyrone Siu