19.06.28 Info: Exhibition “LIFE” in Hong Kong

It’s my pleasure to inform about my exhibition in Hong Kong in August and September 2019. The latest “LIFE” series are exhibited in ART PROJECTS GALLERY. Through this exhibition, I would like to express a sense of solidarity with people in Hong Kong who have been fighting for their freedom and democracy since Hong Kong was transferred to China in 1997. I’m sincerely looking forward to you visiting the gallery.
from August 10th to September 14th, 2019
-Contemporary Fine Art-
Unit 17A, 17/F, Regency Centre Phase 2
43 Wong Chuk Hang Road
Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong
In 2009, I began to write a character “LIFE” continuously on small pieces of paper to pray for children who died due to hunger-related causes. One day when I gazed at many of the “LIFE” pieces on a wall in my studio, each of the characters looked like faces and figures of people. At that moment, I have just thought of an idea that I would express diversity of our society. All of the characters are the same, “LIFE” but each one has different expression on various kinds of paper from around the world.
Due to the expansion of the Internet, everyone had got an opportunity to transmit his (her) own thoughts to the world. I hoped it would widen diversity of our society. But ironically, people gathered together for the same values, and became indifferent and intolerant to others. As a result, our society is loosing its diversity and open-mindedness.
If there are a hundred people, there are a hundred ways of life.

Info: Exhibition “LIFE” in Hong Kong