18.05.26 “Traces Of The Soul”

“Traces Of The Soul” Official Trailer
I’m pleased to inform that the documentary film of calligraphy “Traces Of The Soul” has its World Premiere at Asolo Art Film Festival in Italy on June 7th and 10th.
Unlike digital communication, handwriting carries something beyond literal meaning, something of the soul. Through the eyes of twelve international artists “Traces of the soul” explores the world of contemporary calligraphy and why it is an increasingly relevant art form in this digital age.
We send over 22 billion digital messages a day
2.4 million emails every second.
In this age of instant communication,
has something been lost?
Asolo Art Film Festival dedicated to art cinema was born from a rib of the Venice Biennale. In 1994, the documentary film of Yu-Ichi Inoue, the world wide Japanese calligrapher won the Grand Prix at this festival.
Featured Artists:
el Seed
Jake Weidmann
Koji Kakinuma
Dia Batal
Zhao Yizhou
Hiroyuki Nakajima
Soraya Syed
Paul Antonio
Shinzan Miyamae
Karl “KOBE” O’Brien
Shoho Teramoto
Director/Producer/Editor – Martin Cooper
Director Of Photography/Producer/Assistant Editor – Adrian “Uchujin” Storey
Tam Solo – Art Director/Producer
Ku Sharma – Producer

“Traces Of The Soul”