15.06.27 THE 7th TEN-SAKU-KAI

Exhibition “HOMAGE to YU-ICHI by THE 7th TEN-SAKU-KAI”

Yu-ichi Inoue (1916-1985) is a famed calligrapher representing the 20th century. This Exhibition is held by artists who are deeply influenced by Yu-ichi Inoue, exploring to make new history of calligraphy after him. It is held once in two year and I participate in the 7th Ex. at the first time. The fact that I encountered Yu-ichi’s works in Kyoto in my thirties made me to be a calligrapher.
July 1st — July 5th, 2015
AM11:00-PM6:00 (The first day PM2:00-8:00, The last day AM11:00-PM5:00)
Mitaka City Arts Center
6-12-14 Kamirenjaku Mitaka-shi Tokyo, 181-0012 Japan
“exchange questions and answers about calligraphy”
From 17:00 on July 4th
Chairmanship: Unagami Masaomi